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07 DEC 2017
Queen inaugurates new 'best of British' aircraft carrier

Queen inaugurates new 'best of British' aircraft carrier

Queen Elizabeth II formally commissioned into the British navy the UK's newest and biggest aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, at a ceremony on Thursday.The ... More
06 DEC 2017

Israel says F-35 stealth fighter jets operational

Israel' military on Wednesday declared its newly acquired F-35 stealth fighters operational, making it the first country outside of the United States to put the ultra hi-tech jets into service.The Israeli Air Force currently ... More
23 NOV 2017

Massive search expands for US sailors after Philippine Sea air crash

Eight warships joined a US aircraft carrier and scores of helicopters and planes Thursday to search for three American sailors who went missing after their plane crashed in the Philippine Sea.The families of the ... More
22 NOV 2017

Eight rescued after US Navy aircraft crashes in Philippine Sea

Rescuers have plucked eight people to safety south of Japan after a US Navy aircraft with 11 people on board came down in the Philippine Sea, the latest accident to hit American armed forces ... More
13 NOV 2017

EU takes step towards closer defence cooperation

The EU will move towards closer defence ties Monday with more than 20 states signing a landmark pact that aims to boost cooperation after Brexit and counteract Russian pressure.Similar efforts to deepen military links ... More
02 NOV 2017

India clears $3.2 billion purchase of naval choppers

India will purchase more than 100 armed helicopters for its navy to replace its outdated French-designed fleet in a military deal worth $3.2 billion, an official said Wednesday.The defence acquisition council approved funding for ... More
18 OCT 2017

The cost of French military maintenance

The costs of of French military MRO should see a slight drop in 2017, while targets for 2018 and 2019 are forecasting a rise in "programmed maintenance for aviation equipment" expenses for the 178 program, ... More
12 OCT 2017

Spain Eurofighter crashes after national day parade, pilot dead

A Spanish Eurofighter jet crashed on Thursday after taking part in a military display in Madrid for Spain's national day, killing its pilot, the defence ministry said."As a result of the accident, the pilot ... More
12 OCT 2017

F-35 stealth fighter data stolen in Australia defence hack

Sensitive data about Australia's F-35 stealth fighter and P-8 surveillance aircraft programmes were stolen when a defence subcontractor was hacked using a tool widely used by Chinese cyber criminals, officials said Thursday.The 50-person aerospace ... More
02 OCT 2017

At least 11 dead as DR Congo army plane crashes

A transport plane chartered by the Congolese army crashed near Kinshasa on Saturday, killing at least 11 people, military and airport sources told AFP.The Antonov transporter had just taken off with "several dozen people" ... More
13:48 CET Ryanair says UK pilots agree to pay rises of up to 20%
13:48 CET Taiwan blocks China flights after route row
13:48 CET Emirates throws Airbus A380 a lifeline with jumbo order
18/01 Turkey starts lifting stricken plane from cliff
18/01 Emirates signs for up to 36 additional A380s
17/01 France ditches plans for divisive west coast airport
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