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13 SEP 2017

US authorizes $5 bn sale of Super Hornet jet fighters to Canada

The US State Department on Tuesday authorized the $5.2 billion sale of 18 Super Hornet jet fighters and associated equipment to the Canadian military, in a deal that may depend on the resolution of ... More
08 SEP 2017
SpaceX launches secret US military space plane ahead of Irma

SpaceX launches secret US military space plane ahead of Irma

SpaceX successfully launched a secret US Air Force space plane on Thursday ahead of the arrival in Florida of Hurricane Irma.Live images broadcast by ... More
07 SEP 2017

NATO on guard ahead of major Russian war games

NATO has put Moscow on notice that it will be keeping a close eye on a major military exercise with Belarus next week, in a region still on edge after Russia's annexation of Crimea ... More
28 AUG 2017

N. Korea scraps air show as sanctions tighten

North Korea has cancelled this year's Wonsan Air Show, travel agents said Monday, with reports suggesting tightened travel restrictions by several countries due to nuclear tensions with Pyongyang could be behind the move.The first-ever ... More
28 AUG 2017

Israel finalises deal for 17 more F-35 stealth fighters

Israel has finalised a deal to purchase 17 more F-35 stealth fighters in addition to 33 of the ultra-high-tech jets already ordered, the defence ministry said Sunday.Israel has already taken delivery of five of ... More
18 AUG 2017

India clears $650 mn Boeing army chopper deal

India approved a $650 million purchase of six attack choppers Thursday from US aviation giant Boeing, officials said, as it boosts its military might amid border tensions with China and Pakistan.The Defence Acquisition Council ... More
07 AUG 2017

Australia finds crashed US military aircraft

A US military aircraft that crashed off the Australian coast has been found, authorities said Monday, with divers preparing to try and locate three missing marines.The MV-22 Osprey -- a hybrid helicopter-turboprop with a ... More
25 JUL 2017

Two Chinese warplanes buzz US recon plane: Pentagon

A US surveillance plane was forced to take evasive action after two Chinese fighters intercepted it over the East China Sea, the Pentagon said Monday. The incident occurred Sunday when the two Chinese J-10 ... More
20 JUL 2017

Bad weather caused deadly plane crash: Myanmar military

Bad weather caused a Myanmar military plane to crash last month with 122 people on board, state media reported on Wednesday, in one of the deadliest aviation accidents in the country's history.The Chinese-made Shaanxi ... More
16 JUL 2017

To infinity and beyond? US lawmakers advance 'Space Corps' plans

US lawmakers on Friday advanced a defense bill that includes a provision to establish a new branch of the military -- dubbed "Space Corps" -- that would focus on space operations.The space force measure ... More
20/09 BAE Systems abandons its RJ100 cargo conversion programme
20/09 Air Côte d'Ivoire's A320s switch to Safran Electronics & Defense's WEFA system
20/09 EAD Aerospace's SUMS Satcom installation system on board Qatar Airways's 777s
20/09 DHL wins two new MRO logistics contracts
20/09 Jordanian Aeronautical System becomes a T53 engine service center
20/09 Magnetic MRO and Kuehne+Nagel open their joint aerospace hub in Amsterdam
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