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21 JUN 2019
Drone maintenance for the A400M Drone maintenance for the A400M
Airbus Defence & Space's latest ambition is to develop its drone maintenance capabilities. The European aircraft manufacturer has signed a cooperation agreement with the Spanish ... Continue Reading
21 JUN 2019
The hawks who have Trump's ear on Iran
Donald Trump has pushed a tough line on Iran, and some close advisors have pressed the US president to get even tougher.He has abandoned an international nuclear agreement, slapped sanctions on Iran and added ... Continue Reading
21 JUN 2019
Iran shoots down US drone as tensions soar
Iran shot down a US spy drone Thursday near the strategic Strait of Hormuz, with the two sides at odds whether it was in Iranian or international airspace, in the latest incident stoking tensions ... Continue Reading
21 JUN 2019
Iran says shot down US drone over its territory
Iran's Revolutionary Guard said Thursday it had shot down a US "spy drone" which violated Iranian airspace near the Strait of Hormuz, in the latest incident to stoke tension in the strategic sea lane.There ... Continue Reading
06 JUN 2019
France's Reaper fleet maintenance structure is coming together in Cognac France's Reaper fleet maintenance structure is coming together in Cognac
While it waits for the MQ-9 Reapers' armaments capacity and the unmanned aerial systems in Block 5, the French air force is continuing to ... Continue Reading
23 MAY 2019
Factory 4.0 working for MOC Factory 4.0 working for MOC
"A major objective for Armed Forces ministers", MOC (maintenance in operational condition) regularly has fingers pointed at it, especially in the aviation domain, when aircraft ... Continue Reading
28 MAR 2019
France's C-130Hs get a makeover France's C-130Hs get a makeover
The French air force acquired its twelve C-130Hs between 1987 and 1990, enhancing its fleet with two used models in 1996. Carrying both conventional and ... Continue Reading
27 MAR 2019
Modi declares India 'space superpower' as satellite downed by missile
India said Wednesday it destroyed a low-orbiting satellite in a missile test that proved the nation was among the world's most advanced space powers.In a rare address to the nation just weeks out from ... Continue Reading
14 MAR 2019
Brazil's Embraer posts net loss for 2018
Brazilian airplane manufacturer Embraer, in the process of a partial takeover by US giant Boeing, announced a net loss of 669 million reais ($183 million) for 2018.Embraer said the loss was a result of ... Continue Reading
01 MAR 2019
US Navy's version of F-35 jet 'ready for combat'
The US Navy's version of the F-35 stealth fighter jet is "ready for combat," officials said Thursday, marking another milestone in the development of the most expensive weapons program ever."The F-35C is ready for ... Continue Reading
28 MAY 2020
EasyJet will axe up to 4,500 jobs in Europe
28 MAY 2020
Air France to cut 40% of domestic flights after bailout
26 MAY 2020
LATAM files for bankruptcy in the US
25 MAY 2020
Berlin announces temporary part-nationalisation for Lufthansa
23 MAY 2020
A Pakistan International Airlines A320 crashes near Karachi (updated 23/05)
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