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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file which is likely to be saved, subject to your choice, in a dedicated space on your terminal's hard disk, when you consult an online service using your browser software. A cookie file enables its issuer to identify the terminal on which it is saved, for the validity period. The cookies are managed by your web browser, and only the issuer of a cookie is likely to read or modify the information it contains.

What are the cookies issued on our site used for?

The cookies used on our site are used to identify the services and sections the user has visited, and more generally their visit behaviour. This information is useful to help us better personalise the services, content, promotional offers and banners which appear on our site and to facilitate your browsing on our site. Cookies are also needed to operate certain services or to measure their audience. Cookies are likely to be included in the advertising spaces on our site. These spaces help us finance the content and services with which we provide you.

The cookies issued on our site by third parties

Our website is likely to contain targeted advertising cooking issued by third parties (communications agency, audience measurement agency, targeted advertising service provider, etc.) and enable these parties to do the following while these cookies are valid:

• Collect browsing information relative to the terminals which consult our site

• Determine the advertising content likely to correspond to the centres of interest deduced from the terminal in question's earlier browsing.

Your choices about cookies

You have several possibilities for managing cookies. Any configuration you carry out will be likely to modify your Internet browsing and our site, as well as your conditions of access to certain services which require cookies. You may choose at any time to modify your cookie options, using the resources described below.

1) The Cookie agreement Saving a cookie in a terminal is dependent on the terminal user's desire, which they may express and modify at any time free of charge via the choices offered to them by their browser software. If you agreed to save cookies in your Terminal in your browser software, the cookies embedded in the pages and content you consulted may be stored temporarily in a dedicated space on your terminal. They will only be able to be read by their issuer.

2) Cookie refusal If you refuse to save cookies in your terminal, or if you delete the cookies which are saved in it, you may no longer be able to benefit from a certain number of features needed to browse certain spaces on our site. This would be the case if you were to attempt to access our content or services which require you to log in. This would also be the case when we -or our service providers- were unable to recognise, for technical compatibility purposes, the type of browser used by your terminal, its language and display parameters or the country from which your terminal appears connected to the Internet. Where applicable, we decline all responsibility for the consequences related to the degraded operation of our services resulting from our inability to save or consult the cookies needed to operate them and which you rejected or deleted.

3) How to exercise your choices, according to the browser you use? The cookie configuration varies according to browser. Your browser's help menu will help you find out how to modify your cookie requirements.

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