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16 JUL 2018
Scotland chosen as site for first British space port
The UK Space agency said Sunday that it had chosen a peninsula on Scotland's north coast as the site of the country's first space port."Scotland is the best place in the UK to reach ... Continue Reading
18 JUN 2018
Trumps orders Pentagon to create US 'Space Force'
President Donald Trump on Monday ordered the Pentagon to create a new US "Space Force," which would become the sixth branch of the American military but which requires Congressional approval to take effect."I'm hereby ... Continue Reading
06 JUN 2018
New crew blasts off for ISS
A relatively inexperienced crew of two astronauts and a cosmonaut blasted off Wednesday from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan for a five-month mission on the International Space Station. German Alexander Gerst of the European ... Continue Reading
05 JUN 2018
SpaceX delays plans to send tourists around Moon: report
SpaceX will not send tourists around the Moon this year as previously announced, and will delay the project until the middle of next year, US media reported on Monday."A new timetable for the flight ... Continue Reading
24 MAY 2018
UK to demand EU repayment in Brexit satellite row
Britain ramped up a Brexit space row with the EU on Thursday, saying it will demand repayment if it is excluded from the Galileo satellite navigation project.Newspaper reports suggested London could seek 1 billion ... Continue Reading
23 MAY 2018
From ships to satellites: Scotland aims for the sky
A shipbuilding hub since the days of the British empire, the Scottish city of Glasgow is now reaching for the stars with a growing space satellite industry.Glasgow builds more satellites than any city outside ... Continue Reading
23 MAY 2018
SpaceX rocket blasts off water-tracking satellite duo
A SpaceX rocket Tuesday blasted off a duo of sports car-sized satellites built by the US and Germany to reveal changes in sea level rise, ice melt and drought on Earth."Three, two, one, liftoff!" ... Continue Reading
17 MAY 2018
Chinese private firm launches first space rocket
A suborbital rocket was launched into space Thursday by a start-up in China's burgeoning commercial aeronautics industry, as private firms snap at the heels of their dominant American rivals.OneSpace, the Beijing-based company behind the ... Continue Reading
23 APR 2018
Angola loses first satellite, plans successor
Angola on Monday confirmed the premature death of its first national telecoms satellite, Angosat-1, which was launched in December and was expected to have a working life of 15 years.The Russian-made Angosat-1 struggled with ... Continue Reading
23 MAR 2018
Two Americans, one Russian blast off for ISS
Two astronauts, a cosmonaut and a ball set to be used in the forthcoming football World Cup in Russia blasted off Wednesday for a two-day flight to the International Space Station. NASA's Drew ... Continue Reading
26 MAY 2020
LATAM files for bankruptcy in the US
25 MAY 2020
Berlin announces temporary part-nationalisation for Lufthansa
23 MAY 2020
A Pakistan International Airlines A320 crashes near Karachi (updated 23/05)
22 MAY 2020
Ryanair's Laudamotion says closing Vienna base, 300 jobs lost
22 MAY 2020
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