An overview of Sabena Technic's work on aircraft MOC in the Pacific

Helen Chachaty in New Caledonia
06/06/2018 | 248 words
An overview of Sabena Technic's work on aircraft MOC in the Pacific
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Over 18 000 kilometres away from mainland France, the French Navy's Falcon 200 Guardians and the French Air Force's CN235s enjoy a specific MOC (Maintenance in Operational Condition) contract which enables these branches of the armed forces to get round some of the difficulties related to their distance from home, while benefiting from Sabena Technics's worldwide network and services.

So, the four CN235s based at New Caledonia and Tahiti are covered by a different contract from the one which applies in mainland France. "We order what we need and Sabena Technics manages all the logistics", explains Commandant Karl, who is in charge of technical support at BA 186 in Nouméa-La Tontouta. This is an integrated contract, with a one-stop-shop system, in direct contact with the industrial company tasked with supplying spare parts. It is a dedicated contract, "one which is more innovative and more in keeping with the times", while the reorganisation of aviation MOC, which was launched last December by the Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly plans for the mass roll-out of this type of flying hour contract.

Outsourcing has been driven on even further for the 25F fleet's Guardians. The French Navy has therefore delegated all maintenance operations for its maritime surveillance plane to Sabena Technics. Around fifteen technicians from the French MRO are tasked with maintaining the planes in flying condition. The only naval technicians on site are tasked more with managing the contract.
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