AFI KLM E&M and Lufthansa Technik first to board CFM's LEAP third-party support services

Romain Guillot
05/10/2017 | 341 words
AFI KLM E&M and Lufthansa Technik first to board CFM's LEAP third-party support services
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CFM International signed agreements with AFI KLM E&M and Lufthansa Technik to provide maintenance and overhaul services for both LEAP-1A (A320neo) and LEAP-1B (737 MAX) engines. CFM has long-standing relationships with the two Airline MROs on the CFM56 family, and has granted licenses for them to develop maintenance services offerings to provide both on-wing and on-site support, as well as engine overhaul for LEAP.

"We committed a competitive LEAP overhaul approach to our customers, similar to what they have enjoyed with the CFM56 family," said Gaël Méheust, president and CEO of CFM International. "We just passed the one-year anniversary of the LEAP entry into service. The engine is doing very well and our customers are pleased with the high utilization and great fuel efficiency the engine is bringing to their operations. When these engines eventually do need to be overhauled, our customers will have a choice."

New generation engines as the LEAP have been identified as major growth drivers in AFI KLM E&M's strategic development plan. "We are deploying engineering capabilities tailored to operator requirements in the early years of LEAP operations. Through its global network of engine shops, AFI KLM E&M will be providing airlines operating the LEAP engine with On Wing/On Site support along with shop repair and maintenance services, ranging from inspection to shop visits at its facilities in Paris and Amsterdam" said Anne Brachet, Executive Vice President of Air France-KLM Engineering & Maintenance.

According to CFM, there are now more than 20 airlines operating a total of nearly 100 aircraft powered by LEAP engines. The first one was an A320neo delivered to Pegasus Airlines.

CFM International has three of its own shops with LEAP capability to support the engine's entry into commercial service: Lafayette and Indiana in the U.S., which can support both the LEAP-1A and LEAP-1B, Brussels, which has capability for the LEAP-1A, and Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines which will support the LEAP-1B.

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