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Basic Theroy of the Helicopter

Auteur : R. Raletz
Editeur : Cépaduès
Publication : 11/08/2010
Nombre de pages : 80
34,20 € Expédié sous 48h
Résumé :

This manual illustrates the complex mechanism of the helicopter.

It provides future pilots and engineers with the basic knowledge they require.

Basic Theory of the Helicopter is used by the Helicopter Department of Aerospatiale for the training of their customers technical staff.

A few word of preface :

The helicopter, in spite of what may be said, remains a strange machine retaining for the "man in the street" (and sometimes even the initiated) a somewhat magic and mysterious aspect. In this pages, our wish is to tear off this veil of mystery. But, it is to be well understood that in a few pages it is not possible to explain everything. Therefore we have made a choice dictated by pratictal consideration. Let us hope it is the right one !!!

Informations :

EAN13 : 9782854289374
ISBN : 2-85428-937-4

Type : Ouvrage
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