Safran Landing Systems launches LandingLife, a single brand for its customer support services

Romain Guillot
le 12/10/2021 , Maintenance aéronautique
While MRO Europe will be held in Amsterdam next week, Safran Landing Systems announced that it has grouped all of its customer support and services offer under a single new brand.

Entitled "LandingLife", this brand revolves around three objectives: keeping aircraft in flight, optimizing ownership costs and enhancing the sharing of expertise, with the ultimate goal of providing the best possible experience and the greatest satisfaction for its customers.

"Being able to count on responsive, reliable and cost-effective support services is an imperative for our customers, and all the more so under current conditions. Landing Life delivers a slate of services developed jointly with our customers. Along with our role as OEM, which covers the entire lifecycle of landing and braking systems, that enables us to provide solutions tailored to the operational needs of our customers, while also continuously improving their user experience."declared Cédric Goubet, Chief Executive Officer of Safran Landing Systems.

The world leader in landing gear and braking systems specifies that thanks to the LandingLife portal, customers can immediately identify the appropriate solution for their needs, request emergency assistance in AOG (Aircraft on Ground) situations, search for information by product or aircraft type, consult technical publications, make online reservations for training sessions and contact Safran's experts. This portal was deployed in 2018 to respond to airline needs.

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