LEAP Engines : SIA Engineering MRO facility to be built at Changi airport

Romain Guillot
le 21/02/2020 , Maintenance aéronautique
The information was revealed during Singapore Airshow. JTC Corporation, the main industrial property developer in Singapore, has announced that the project to build a maintenance centre for CFM International's LEAP engines that is being run by SIA Engineering Company Limited (SIAEC) could be set up at the Changi North zone.

This new facility would then be built near the Singapore Airlines MRO division's facilities located to the North of the airport.

SIAEC had revealed that it wanted to create a dedicated maintenance centre for the LEAP family of engines last December when it announced the signature of an agreement with the French engine manufacturer Safran Aircraft Engines for a 10-year period. CFM International is a joint enterprise which is owned 50/50 by Safran Aircraft Engines and GE Aviation.

The future SIAEC engine shop will then be able to work on the LEAP-1A (A320neo family) and the LEAP-1B (737 MAX family) for Quick Turn services and for modification embodiment services.

According to the Singapore Airlines MRO division, this centre will have advanced equipment to be able to work on these new generation engines.

Work should start on this new facility this year.

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