SR Technics launched its "Quick Turn Line"

Romain Guillot
le 24/09/2020 , Maintenance aéronautique
SR Technics launched its quick turn services line (light repairs, post-lease inspections) on September 1, in line with its new strategic direction unveiled in July.

This "Quick Turn Line" (QTL) initially focuses on the families of engines already covered by the engine shop of the MRO company in Zurich, namely the CFM56-5B (A320), -5C (A340) and -7B ( 737NG), as well as the PW4000-94 (MD-11, 767, 747-400) and PW4000-100 (A330).

Customers can obtain faster unscheduled engine maintenance while optimizing their fleets' readiness, reducing operating costs and reliably avoiding heavy and time-consuming engine repairs. The new line also covers engine change and loan tooling.

SR Technics specifies, however, that the QTL will continue to evolve with the support of a partner network and its capabilities, and the portfolio of engines covered by the QTL will continue to expand.


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