Air Belgium signs with Rolls-Royce for of its new Trent 7000 engines

Emilie Drab
le 12/10/2021 , Maintenance aéronautique
Air Belgium has signed a TotalCare contract with Rolls-Royce for its Trent 7000 engines which will power its two new Airbus A330-900 aircraft.

TotalCare is Rolls-Royce's flagship integrated engine service, designed for predictive maintenance planning and off-wing repair and overhaul. It transfers time-on-wing and maintenance cost risk back to Rolls-Royce and offers advanced engine health monitoring and future product enhancements.

"Our new aircraft are an important investment in our future, delivering new levels of efficiency and sustainability. Our TotalCare agreement will ensure we maximise availability, which maximises those benefits for our customers" commented Niky Terzakis, Chief Executive Officer of Air Belgium.

"It is great to have Air Belgium become the latest member of our family of Trent operators to take TotalCare. We look forward to supporting them with a smooth entry into service and for years to come "added John Kelly, Rolls-Royce Senior Vice President - Customers.

The first aircraft was received last week and launched Air Belgium's new route to Mauritius.

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