HAECO also embarks on preventive maintenance on large GE90 Fan Cases

Romain Guillot
le 23/04/2020 , Maintenance aéronautique
Preventive Maintenance Inspections (PMI) capabilities on General Electric's GE90-110/-115B Fan Stator Modules (Boeing 777-300ER, -200LR and 777F) are multiplying around the world.

HAECO Composite Services, the subsidiary of Hong Kong based MRO group HAECO (Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited) specializing in the repair of nacelles, radomes and other aerostructure elements, announces that it has added capacities for preventive maintenance inspections as well as associated repairs concerning the fan cases of this type of engine.

As a reminder, PMIs on the GE90 fan stator module has to be performed once the engine reach 50,000 flight hours, as mandated by GE. They include the search for corrosion on the metal parts and ultrasonic inspections of the composite panels of the fan case.

The HAECO subsidiary specifies that this new capability has been deployed on a number of its Asian customers' fan cases.

As a reminder, HAECO Composite Services has been established since 2009 in Jinjiang (Fujian province), in mainland China. HAECO also has significant MRO capabiities on the GE90-110/-115B family with its specialized engine shop in Xiamen, Taikoo Engine Services (TEXL).

In France, PMIs on GE90-110/-115B Fan Stator Modules have already been provided by AFI KLM E&M (Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance) since 2017 (Helios), a capability which was also deployed in the Middle-East last year at AMES (Aerostructures Middle-East Services), the joint venture of Air France and Safran Nacelles based in Dubai, to meet the needs of a major airline based in the region.

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