Liebherr-Aerospace wins two new predictive maintenance contracts

Emilie Drab
le 12/10/2021 , Maintenance aéronautique
Liebherr-Aerospace announces that it has won new contracts for Liebherr Analytics Solutionsn, with airBaltic and Swiss.

With Liebherr Analytics Solutions, they will from the health management services developed and offered by Liebherr-Aerospace. airBaltic and Swiss will take advantage of a growing set of predictive maintenance algorithms and trend monitoring applications for their Airbus fleets.

"By adopting our Analytics Solutions, the airlines will optimize their maintenance operations, benefitting fully from our OEM product know-how and MRO data", points out Joël Cadaux, Director Business & Services - Customer Services at Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation SAS.

Both airlines will benefit from Liebherr-Aerospace's set of predictive maintenance algorithms and other trend monitoring applications, combined with advanced technical support, bringing added value to the maintenance of their full-scope of Liebherr products: bleed, air management, landing gear and flight control system components.

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