China embarks on board aircraft recycling

Léo Barnier
20/06/2018 | 384 words
China embarks on board aircraft recycling
China, a green country? After strengthening its commitments under the Paris Accord following the withdrawal of the United States, the country seems to be carrying on the path it has set for itself. Aircraft Recycling International (ARI), a subsidiary of the China Aircraft Leasing Group (CALC), has just opened a first major facility dedicated to aircraft recycling. Named China Aircraft Recycling Remanufacturing Base, or "the Base" for short, it officially began operations on 8th June.

As its name indicates, the Base will be dismantling and reconditioning planes and will also be providing a whole range of additional services. Therefore, it is adding aircraft purchasing, sales and rental, equipment lease and maintenance. The objective is to propose a complete range of services to preserve the potential and residual value of aircraft and their equipment, until the end of their operational lifetime.

Mike Poon, the CEO of ARI and who is well-known around Toulouse airport, explains that "given the growing demand for the management of ageing aircraft on the global market, ARI will significantly increase the residual value of these aircraft by providing holistic solutions and by completing the value chain at each stage in their life, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of the worldwide aviation industry".

And as charity begins at home, CALC means to take advantage of these services for its own leased fleet. For Shuang Chen, the group's president: "ARI's quick and steady development in the ageing aircraft value chain will improve CALC's asset management capability, so maximising value for our partners in the aviation sector".

Extendible capacities

The Base is located to the south of Harbin-Taiping international airport, in Heilongjiang province (north east China). It has 300 000 m² of land, where it should develop in stages. For the moment, Phase I enables it to accommodate three single-aisle aircraft or one single-aisle and one wide-body aircraft at the same time in its hangars, with a handling capacity of twenty aircraft per year. The Base also has a spare parts store, the largest in the country according to CALC and ARI.

ARI has received a CCAR-145-R3 maintenance organisation certificate from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). For its part, the Base has been recognised as a parts Distributor for commercial aircraft by the CAAC.
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