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Boeing delivers the 1st 737-800 BCF to GECAS

Emilie Drab
09/05/2018 | 204 words
Boeing delivers the 1st 737-800 BCF to GECAS
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West Atlantic will be the first airline to operate the 737-800 BCF. On 19th April, Boeing celebrated the delivery of the first 737-800 converted into a full freighter aircraft to GECAS, which will then pass it onto the Swedish airline.

West Atlantic is expecting four of the aircraft converted by Boeing within the next eleven months. At this point, the group will have twenty three 737F in its fleet.

The 737-800 BCF is able to transport up to 23.9 tonnes of goods and can travel 3 750 km (2 000 nm). Its modifications consist principally in drilling a cargo door into the main deck and installing a loading system. Able to carry twelve pallets on its main deck (volume of 141.4 m3) with another two compartments (43.7 m3) in the hold, it is mainly intended for express freight transport operations on short haul routes.

The programme has received commitments for 45 aircraft from seven customers: YTO Airlines, China Postal Airlines (China), GECAS, Air Algérie, LAS Cargo (Colombia) Cargo Air (Bulgaria) and one customer who has not been named. Depending on the customer's choices, the modification work may be carried out in different facilities, in particular at STAECO facility in Jinan Yaoqiang Airport (Shandong).
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