EasyJet extends Airbus's Skywise to its whole fleet

Léo Barnier
11/04/2018 | 171 words
After AirAsia, LATAM and Etihad, Airbus has just won a major new contract for its Skywise services platform. The contract has been won from easyJet, which has opted for the European aircraft manufacturer's predictive maintenance solution. An agreement was signed in Toulouse on 27th March. The contract covers the whole of the British low cost airline's fleet, which will exceed 300 aircraft this spring.

This agreement was expected, as easyJet had already stated its intended to use Airbus's platform on a wide scale. As Tom Enders, Airbus's CEO recalled, the airline had already taken part in tests over the last three years.

The agreement means that easyJet will be able to use Skywise's analysis for its entire fleet and also for more elements than during tests. The airline's aircraft will start integrating the FOMAX (Flight operations and maintenance exchanger) solution from summer 2019. Provided by Rockwell Collins, it enables 24 000 parameters to be collected for each flight on A320s, compared with only 400 without this equipment.
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