Braathens Regional Airlines secures the maintenance for its Avros

Emilie Drab
28/02/2018 | 239 words
Braathens Regional Airlines secures the maintenance for its Avros
Braathens Regional Airlines
Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA) has signed two maintenance agreements to service its Avro fleet. The first entrusts BAE Systems with spare part and APU support. The second has been signed with KLM UK Engineering for airframe support.

The agreement with BAE Systems Regional Aircraft relates to replaceable component flying hour support for the Swedish airline's twelve Avros (ten RJ100s and two RJ85s). It covers 640 parts per plane and is valid for a minimum of 38 000 flying hours at fleet level, over three years.

In addition, another flying hour contract has been signed between BRA and the British company, this time for flying hour support for some of the fleet's APU. This relates to the eight RJ100s, which are equipped with Honeywell's GTCP36-150M auxiliary power unies. Here again the contract has been signed for three years.

Finally, the Tech 21 long-term agreement has been extended - it specifies that one BAE Systems engineer will be specially assigned to BRA to guarantee the quickest possible response to any technical problems.

As for the contract with KLM UK Engineering, this is a long-term agreement for airframe maintenance, entrusting the Dutch company with the heavy maintenance inspections. The company had already been carrying out this type of work for Braathens in 2017 and as the airline were very satisfied with the service, they decided to renew their agreement for a longer period.
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