MRO: ATSG chooses GE Aviation for its data analytics services

Romain Guillot
le 08/10/2020 , Maintenance aéronautique
Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) selected GE Aviation for a comprehensive digital agreement including FlightPulse (application for EFB) and eFOQA (electronic flight operation quality assurance) services.

The program gives ATSG subsidiary airlines ABX Air, Air Transport International, and Omni Air International access to advanced analytics with enriched data sets that will ultimately drive greater understanding of flight trends. This program implementation includes the Boeing 777, 767, and 757 aircraft.

"FlightPulse will be used to put actionable and relevant pre- and post-flight information in pilots' hands allowing them to operate at the highest level of effectiveness," said Andrew Coleman, GM of the Digital Group for GE Aviation. "When FlightPulse and eFOQA are combined, quality and accurate data provide a major enabler to improving safety, efficiency and sustainability" he added.

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