EPCOR is fully licensed by Honeywell and ready to support Airbus A220 APUs.

Emilie Drab
le 22/02/2021 , Maintenance aéronautique
EPCOR has obtained Honeywell's approval to perform maintenance on the GTCP131-9C, the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) fitted to the Airbus A220 (Honeywell being the exclusive supplier of this equipment on the aircraft).

AFI KLM E&M's subsidiary will be able to perform all types of repairs and maintenance, including warranty repairs. Although EPCOR will also be the sole repair shop located in Europe, Middle East, Africa and India region for the GTCP131-9C, they will provide global service coverage certified by Honeywell.

"We are delighted to offer this new product to prospective customers as well as Air France, part of the Air France-KLM Group. We have worked very closely with Honeywell and are very proud today to have earned approved repair shop status for this specific APU. We will strive hard to put all our experience and know-how to good use so that we can deliver reliable, fast and top-quality services." Said Martijn de Vries, EPCOR Managing Director.

As the GTCP131-9C is a derivative of Honeywell's 131-9 model, the majority of its components and parts are the same as on the other versions of the auxiliary power unit, on which EPCOR already has expertise. The Airbus A220 APU will be the eighth type entering the capability list of EPCOR.

The maintenance company also explained that its predictive maintenance solution Prognos for APU will be available for this product.

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