SR Technics launches STRADE, its new component services unit

Romain Guillot
le 24/01/2021 , Maintenance aéronautique
STRADE will provide component sale, lease, loan and exchange services on all major commercial aircraft platforms.

The Swiss MRO company is pursuing its strategy of adaptation to the environment linked to the pandemic. SR Technics has just launched STRADE, a new brand dedicated to the trading of spare parts. STRADE (powered by SR Technics) will operate as an independent entity.

It will provide component sale, lease, loan and exchange services for major Airbus, Boeing and Embraer platforms for operators, MRO companies or parts trading companies. It will rely in particular on the logistics network of SR Technics, with its stocks positioned in London, Miami and Kuala Lumpur. STRADE has moreover put on sale rotables from its various global pools, in particular for the 787. The Kloten MRO company also specifies that it will offer a guarantee of 12 months and 2000 flight hours for any sale, loan or exchange .

"With the launch of the new brand, SR Technics shows its resilience and innovative spirit in challenging times for our industry," said Jean-Marc Lenz, the CEO of the Swiss maintenance company. STRADE will be led by Stephen Fer, who announces that this initiative responds "o a clear market demand for a more flexible and dynamic approach to component support".

SR Technics announced a major strategic shift last July by focusing on engine maintenance and repair services as well as on line maintenance activities. One of the logical consequences of this restructuring was the reduction of its flight-hour based component services activity. With STRADE, SR Technics is now focusing on component trading rather than on long-term equipment support contracts.

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