Lufthansa Technik also joins forces with Safran for MRO on Airbus A380 landing gear

Emilie Drab
le 10/03/2020 , Maintenance aéronautique
Lufthansa Technik wants to become the reference MRO company for servicing A380 landing gear. On 4th March, the company announced that it had signed a long-term agreement with Safran Landing Systems for services on this equipment and asset management, enabling the two partners to combine their respective areas of expertise to provide maintenance solutions to cover all aspects of the Airbus Super Jumbo landing gear system. A380 landing gear services will be provided at their Singapore (Safran Landing Systems) and London (Lufthansa Technik) facilities.

Safran Landing Systems is the OEM which designed the A380's front landing gear. It therefore has nosewheel expertise, and provides its services mainly from its Singapore facilities.

Lufthansa Technik has recently signed a similar partnership with Collins Aerospace which comes into force this year for the A380's main landing gear - produced by the former Goodrich, which is now part of Collins. As with Safran, the agreement covers the maintenance licence and the joint management of the American company's landing gear pool. It can service all equipment (with operations carried out in its London facilities).

This means that A380 operators now only have a single entry point for issues concerning the maintenance of their landing gears: "Airlines will be free to send their complete landing gear to one of the partners, which will enable them to avoid complex processes", Lufthansa Technik summarises in a press release.

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